1. People of #Glenview #powerwalking #werk


  2. Had the best view of the city yesterday with @notmeesh, @vickieeeb and @anorexichair #360chicago #chicago


  3. #bag #lady over here. @anorexichair (at H&M Michigan Ave)


  4. Had a free drink at #starbz. Asked for a venti, got a grande and a venti… #life (at Starbucks)


  5. I love my job, my home away from home for the next three days! ✌️ (at Crowne Plaza Chicago)


  6. This is the best selfie I’ve ever taken. #pizzarolls



  8. apollollo:

    send this to your crush

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  9. cacnea:

    my new life motto tbh

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    baby tastes salt and vinegar chips

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  14. tokyo-fashion:

    Japanese artist Eijiro Miyama on the street in Harajuku today.


  15. inexplicabl said: whats your favorite song to listen to when you're sad


    the song my shopping bags make while im walking